Welcome to AWCI Technology Center

The highly fragmented construction industry is experiencing a major transformation. Although individual building components, such as walls, roofs and floors, are separate entities, each entity must still function as a part of a unified system. Because components are represented by different manufacturers and different independent companies, it is difficult for components to work compatibly to create a single system. Rapid advances in material science, changes in traditional delivery methods, more stringent building codes, and even the way traditional construction documents are prepared have all led to an age of exceptional transformation. These rapid changes can often lead to confusion when attempting to provide building solutions for a given project.

The Mission of AWCI Technology Center

The mission of the AWCI Technology Center is to provide architects, owners, developers, and contractors a single source for credible information about integrated wall and ceiling solutions. Specifically, the focus is centered upon systems that are installed by the contractor members of the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry, AWCI. 

AWCI has more than 2,000 members that are primarily wall and ceiling contractors, product suppliers or product manufacturers in all 50 states and numerous countries. The AWCI contractor members account for approximately 50 percent of current construction volume in the United States.