Interior Ceilings Photo Gallery

This gallery contains examples of interior ceilings in unique applications.  The ceiling materials range from acoustical tile to wood, including gypsum panels and plaster.  The ceiling suspension system can either be a standard acoustic ceiling grid or if required a custom hybrid framing system.  Ceilings not only offer aesthetics, but can provide acoustical performance, fire resistance, and light reflectance as needed.  All the projects are intended to illustrate the design flexibility that can be obtained with cold-formed steel framed systems.  To view a specific project simply click on the project name below.   

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Novartis Oncology Consolidation Project - BLDG 3  from Drywall and Interior System Contractors Association of New Jersey

Scheie Eye Institute from Interior Finish Contractors Association

USPS Library from Interior Finish Contractors Association

Urban Outfitter from Interior Finish Contractors Association