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One of the best resources for contractors is the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industries (AWCI).  It provides for its membership a wide array of information and training.


AWCI represents 2,200 companies and organizations in the acoustics systems, ceiling systems, drywall systems, exterior insulation and finishing systems, fireproofing, flooring systems, insulation, and stucco contractors, suppliers and manufacturers and those in allied trades. Our mission is to provide services and undertake activities that enhance the members' ability to operate a successful business.

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AWCI is dedicated to providing the industry and its members education and training.  This training ranges from management to technical topics.  The format ranges from on-line, to lecture, to 2 day intensive programs.  The instructors are recognized experts in their respective fields.  Over the years they have developed several programs around a “Doing It Right®” format.  The following are just a few examples of programs and courses:

LECTURE SERIES:  Typically these are run twice a year and can either follow a management or technical track.

AWCI ACADEMY:  These are run once a year and the topics vary based on need.  Typically there are two tracks that the programs follow.  One is technology and the other on management training.


Cold-Formed Steel FramingCold-Formed Steel Framing - is a two-day seminar aimed at owners, project managers, estimators, foremen, superintendents, code officials and architects. Formulated by experts from the Steel Framing Alliance, an organization at the forefront of the latest technological advances for building with cold-formed steel, and AWCI and its member experts, the seminar is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the construction methods and contractors' issues including structural, load-bearing wall assemblies; interior systems; roof and floor assemblies; estimating; quality control and much more.

Exterior Insulation Finish Systems, EIFS -  A two-day program leading to a national certificate. Instruction focuses on generic EIFS installations according to industry standards.

Stucco - This one day seminar is based on ASTM C926 and C1063 and covers the application of portland cement-based plaster applied to metal and solid bases. It does not instruct on the application of EIFS, also known as synthetic stucco.

Exterior Envelope - This full day seminar looks at the energy codes and provides insight as to how they impact the exterior envelope.  The 2012 International Energy Conservation Code® promises to offer challenges to anyone in the construction industry who designs and installs exterior wall assemblies. The code has new stringent requirements for thermal resistance as well as new thresholds of performance for water and air tightness.  Today’s architects need to know how to design to meet the IECC requirements. They must also provide solutions when details aren’t always available and the requirements are constantly changing. This forces contractors to struggle with constructing exterior assemblies with cladding over multiple inches of continuous insulation and highly complex air and water barriers.  This course is aimed at contractors and architects who want to expand their knowledge about the IECC’s exterior thermal envelope requirement for exterior wall assemblies when combined with ASTM and ASHRAE construction standards

GypsumGypsum - This full day seminar is based on industry standards and best practices for the installation of gypsum board systems.  Developed under the guidance of an expert oversight group made up of contractors and manufacturers, a few of the topics covered include codes and standards, design issues, types of gypsum systems, red flags and solutions, finish systems and project management/quality control.

CeilingsCeilings – This full day seminar covers the proper installation of acoustical ceilings and is based on the seismic provisions of the American Society of Civil Engineers.  Developed under the guidance of an expert oversight group made up of contractors and manufacturers, some the topics covered include types of surfaces, moldings and accessories, codes and standards, engineering and design considerations, material handling, specialty tools, estimating and project management/quality control.

Webinars:  Webinars are run many times though out the calendar year and the topics vary on content.

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